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“Russia”? Really?

Democrats and Republicans Is the national Democratic Party trying to burn into extinction any hope that it is the party of the people? A couple of weeks ago, the word “recount” was on the lips of every mouthpiece. A week or so ago (and before and since), proposals to abolish the Electoral College were bruited. Now the drive is on to investigate Russia. A ‘bipartisan’ alliance… Read More

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A “vanilla characterization”: Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and Hillary Clinton

Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Hillary Clinton. Your cash is good at the bar. Emails recently released via wikileaks restore little hope about the Clinton team behind scenes. The excerpts below, verbatim and in-house, pertain to that vexed topic of Clinton’s paid speeches for Wall Street. They’re pretty clear. Little editorializing required. As Halloween approaches, some naked self-exposure of cynical willingness to fool the public is highlighted in orange: On… Read More

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September 11, 2012. A Day in the Life of Hillary Clinton’s Career Ambitions

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had two chief rivals in the corridors of power–Vice President Joseph Biden and then-Ambassador to the U.N. Susan E. Rice. Each outweighed her in credibility, dependability, and sincerity. Biden posed by far the biggest threat as potential presidential candidate. Rice was being mentioned as next Secretary of State. Two of the first emails Mrs. Clinton issued before dawn on September… Read More

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