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A “vanilla characterization”: Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and Hillary Clinton

Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Hillary Clinton. Your cash is good at the bar. Emails recently released via wikileaks restore little hope about the Clinton team behind scenes. The excerpts below, verbatim and in-house, pertain to that vexed topic of Clinton’s paid speeches for Wall Street. They’re pretty clear. Little editorializing required. As Halloween approaches, some naked self-exposure of cynical willingness to fool the public is highlighted in orange: On… Read More

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Goldman Sachs shorted its own products, Senate investigation reports

Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations: Goldman Sachs shorted its own products Sen. Carl Levin intends to refer Goldman Sachs to the Justice Department and the SEC for possible prosecution and civil litigation, regarding its trading in subprime mortgage-related paper. The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, chaired by Levin, released its report on the subprime lending crisis yesterday, following months of investigation into the financial debacle… Read More

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TARP money and hush money

TARP money and hush money The steady stream of reports is becoming a torrent: Notwithstanding abundant evidence of shortcomings in-house and public revulsion on the street, firm after firm that benefited from taxpayer bailouts and other public funding is now—again–setting aside enormous funds for executive bonuses. AIG This morning’s Wall Street Journal reports that AIG—American International Group, is holding off on planned bonuses for executives,… Read More

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