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How the Democrats Keep Losing. 2017, Part 1. Georgia special, 6th District, April 18.

Right now the 2017 race getting most attention is the Georgia 6th Congressional District special election, coming up on April 18. Georgia went red in 2016, as did Georgia’s 6th Congressional District; see below. But a ‘competitive’ special election in the 6th is being ballyhooed by commentators as well as by the national Democratic Party and by some outside groups. The best over-all coverage so far comes from… Read More

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“Russia”? Really?

Democrats and Republicans Is the national Democratic Party trying to burn into extinction any hope that it is the party of the people? A couple of weeks ago, the word “recount” was on the lips of every mouthpiece. A week or so ago (and before and since), proposals to abolish the Electoral College were bruited. Now the drive is on to investigate Russia. A ‘bipartisan’ alliance… Read More

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Recount may add Trump votes

Update December 6: Clinton supporters in Florida are petitioning for a recount there. Let’s take another look at the numbers in Florida, from the New York Times and that spreadsheet by Cook Political Report. As with Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (the piece below), there are no anomalies that suggest hidden votes for Clinton lurking uncounted in Florida. Trump leads Clinton in Florida by 112,911 votes,… Read More

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Live-blogging election night

[11:10 p.m.] Finally. CNN calls North Carolina for Trump. Deborah Ross also lost to Richard Burr. [11:01 p.m.] Ridiculous. CNN’s Blitzer still has not called Georgia (Georgia) and North Carolina for Trump. But the second the polls close on the West Coast, he calls California for Clinton and trumpets that she has taken a lead in the Electoral College. Beyond ridiculous. Meanwhile, she is still… Read More

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Not looking like a landslide yet

I just returned from a social visit to the polling place in my precinct. Having voted already, in Maryland’s early voting, I went to assess turnout and to chat with neighborhood friends. There was ample time: lines were slow, not because voter influx was huge but because the Maryland state Board of Elections allotted my polling place one scanner for all the (two-page) paper ballots cast. Turnout is in… Read More

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Secretary Clinton all smiles at newest Trump tape; will media mention Juanita Broaddrick?

For that matter, will they mention the invasion of Iraq? The 2016 primary elections in Maryland, by the time we actually got sort of a chance to vote, were a mixed bag. Full disclosure–I myself voted (early voting) for Bernie Sanders and Sanders delegates, a Democratic senate candidate who won, a House candidate who didn’t, and some local judgeship challengers as well as incumbents. Not everybody… Read More

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Toxic atmosphere 2016

Re the 2016 presidential election My immediate political concern is the current atmosphere. Poisonous rhetoric swirls around both major-party candidates like a toxic dust cloud. It comes from both of them and goes at both of them. It comes from their allies and supporters, both sides, and is directed against their allies and supporters, both sides. My concern is that there is a particular danger… Read More

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WaPo report: razor-thin Clinton “edge” even in 50-state hand-picked poll

WaPo headline reverses the story My morning paper on September 7 had an unusual feature. The 9-16ths-inch headline on The Washington Post’s front page trumpeted, “Clinton has edge in 50-state poll.” Inside, a special pull-out section on “CAMPAIGN 2016” seemed to expand the story. Actually, it contradicted the headline. Let’s start with the easy part–pictures. This parti-colored map ran above the fold, spanning eight inches. Take a… Read More

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Double threat tonight: The presidential debate, and the media coverage afterward

Live-blogging the September 26 presidential debate Warm-up thoughts, jotted down to start with –Resisted temptation to use quotation marks around debate and coverage, in title above –Bruising still not healed from media handling of that first Democratic primary debate on September 13, 2015. Lemmingword of the day: “commanding.” –Guess we all got our marching orders. Anyone who wanted to curry favor have credibility with DC… Read More

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What are “pay to play letters”? –

Those Democratic National Committee emails — Other DNC emails released by Wikileaks in Friday’s first batch contain splashier exchanges of personalities and worse, including the plot to paint Bernie Sanders as an atheist. But the email thread I want to know more about is the one about “pay to play letters.” Here is the full text of the first email in the exchange, sent May… Read More

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