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Sanders’ claim to turnout is valid

Several commentators have disparaged Sen. Bernard Sanders’ argument that turnout will be vital to Democrats in November and that he can help the turnout. He is right on both counts. Commentators at MSNBC, CNN and now some of the networks have gotten on a train recently, though–pointing to the undoubted fact that Democratic turnout in primaries this year is lower than in 2008. (Barack Obama… Read More

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Big Bird turnaround artists

A Big Bird round-up For fun, or not Big Bird costumes are hot sellers for Halloween this year. It happened you-know-when. Not every comic can top that. But then it’s not all comedy. Not all history is in the past, either. This might be a good time to remember that the Party of Romney, while dwindling, is the party that has shown itself unabashedly willing… Read More

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Why GOPers don’t talk about campaign debt

Why Republicans don’t talk about campaign debt For a while there, back in August 2011, the CEO of Starbucks floated an idea of boycotting campaign contributions to all incumbents. Within days, more than a hundred CEOs of large companies had joined/signed on to the idea. We have heard little about it since, undoubtedly for a combination of reasons. Many corporate donors are indeed holding back… Read More

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Fox News, Barack Obama, and Ignorance of Religion

Ignorance of religion . . . Fox News Sunday today is relentlessly flogging the Reverend You-know-who. In its pursuit to bring down Barack Obama, Fox has shifted tactics somewhat, allowing some questions about Hillary Clinton into interviews—asking Terry McAuliffe, for example, about several prominent members of the Clinton administration who now support Obama. (McAuliffe’s answer: I cd give you a list of thousands of former… Read More

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Live-blogging the Petraeus and Crocker Iraq hearings, continued

11:15 a.m. With the televised portion of the Petraeus and Crocker appearances now concluded–including a very little Q&A with some senators–there is indeed little new news. What Petraeus said, or projects for the future–“the way ahead,” it’s characterized–amounts to little good, for the public interest. The ‘drawdown’ of the ‘surge’ buildup will be completed in about July. Then there will be a ‘pause,’ acc to… Read More

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