Big Bird turnaround artists

A Big Bird round-up

For fun, or not

Big Bird costumes are hot sellers for Halloween this year. It happened you-know-when.

Not every comic can top that.

Big Bird in the news

But then it’s not all comedy.


Not all history is in the past, either.

Romney would end unemployment lines. No more unemployment compensation

This might be a good time to remember that the Party of Romney, while dwindling, is the party that has shown itself unabashedly willing to use fiscal cliffs for blackmail.

Look back in anger


It’s the same party that has worked for decades to cast doubt on any publicly funded program that could in any way benefit children.


This is the same candidate who has expressed support for shedding blood around the globe–except when the shedding was done in a measured, limited way, to take out the main coordinator behind the attacks of September 11, 2001.

War room

This is the same candidate who has repeatedly expressed willingness to cut education funding, with a sop to ‘choice’ in vouchers for poor families.

Reading, fun and information

He is also the candidate whose corporate turnarounds succeeded more for a comparatively small group of investors than for employees in companies his firm bought in fire sales.



Note: There is probably some spinner out there right now, attempting to reassure the public that Mitt Romney didn’t mean it about firing Big Bird. To do the man justice, I believe he was sincere.


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