Which Odds Makers Will Get today’s College Bowl Wrong?

Which Odds Makers Will Get today’s College Bowl Wrong?

More picks, more wrong picks. Friday night had the Orange Bowl and the Cotton Bowl. Ohio State was favored over Clemson by a touchdown in the Orange, Missouri over Oklahoma State by a point in Cotton.

Final scores:

  • Orange Bowl: Clemson 40, Ohio State 35
  • Cotton Bowl: Missouri 41, Oklahoma State 31

Spread predictions here.


One up, one down, as to win-loss. Admittedly, either of these games could have gone either way. Fewer plays like the back-to-back interceptions near the end of the Cotton Bowl, fewer penalties, better time management. On the other hand, the predictions also failed to come anywhere near the total amount of scoring, and the total scores could have zoomed upward even more with fewer mistakes.

Missouri wins

Again, the line was emphatically wrong. So much for odds making. Let’s hope none of the injuries incurred in the games linger too long.


As of today, 32 games have been played on the NCAA football bowl schedule. Out of 32, a dozen picks have been completely wrong, and way more than a dozen picks, including some choosing the winner correctly, have given no true picture of the game. Who is hiring these experts?

Going forward

On to the next college bowl games; how will the next picks hold up?

Coming up next are a couple of Ho-Hum Bowls. Let’s hope they offer more play than injury.

Sat. Jan. 4: BBVA Compass Bowl:

Vanderbilt favored over Houston by a field goal

Sun. Jan. 5: GoDaddy Bowl:

Ball State picked over Arkansas State by two scores

Last night wasn’t too kind to schools named ‘State’. At least one will have to win tonight.

Today’s question: Who will get today’s bowls wrong? (That post can wait until Monday.)


More to come.

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