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Some 2012 unforgettable Romney YouTube moments

We may live in an age of information overload. But overload or no, surely the string of special moments loosed like chemical by-products by the Romney campaign will not soon be forgotten.

Just for fun, if nothing else–here they are, courtesy of YouTube, with slight annotation.

Hearing Romney out on the campaign trail, one sees why he has spent so much time touring mainly among fundraisers. Anyway, here he is, introducing running mate Paul Ryan as the next president: 

Romney with Ryan

Uncle Sigmund, call your office. Of course, everyone makes the occasional slip of the tongue. Here’s one where Romney tries unsuccessfully to accuse Obama of raising taxes:

He keeps having problems with Ryan, too. Here’s the one where Romney tries to get a crowd to chant his name along with Ryan’s. It makes even Joe Scarborough cringe:

Then there are the deeper problems than tongue-twisting, like when he gets caught out in a misstatement. Here is Romney on money in politics, and on not hiring lobbyists:


Romney advisor Ron Kaufman

Some of the same moments again, in a flat-footed misstatement on his lobbyist-strategist (Ron Kaufman):

Out on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, Romney puts his foot in it with a gay Viet vet:

In related vein–Romney, queried for comment when a gay soldier is booed, waffles:

Equally sensitive, here is Mitt “I don’t think I’ve ever hired an illegal in my life” Romney:


Perry, Romney

I envy Rick Perry. He brought out the best in Romney, in a sense. Here’s the $10K bet moment: 

To be fair, there’s also an embarrassment of riches when Perry tries to get Romney on flip-flopping. His heart’s in the right place, tongue not so much:

But if you wanted Romney clarified, the go-to guy is his own strategist. The strategy? Etch-a-Sketch: 

Simple greatness. Even Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum fielded that one:


Building on the great Etch-a-Sketch reveal, human history gets the infamous “47%” video: 

Romney attempted to explain away his “47%” comments the night they were revealed:

But move over, Mother Jones. Nobody beat up on Romney as well as Ron Paul’s people. Take this segment on the size of Romney’s typical audiences on the campaign trail:


Romney event

Romney’s own take on why he stumbled so many times in the campaign? “I think it’s about envy”: 

As Romney reminds us, “those people who’ve been most successful will be in the one percent.”

But charitably overlooking the man’s immense wealth gets a little hard when the candidate himself single-handedly produces a whole album of out-of-touch moments. Here are the top ten: 


Compilations of Romney gaffes are fun, and convenient. Here, a trio:–Y0ZjBS0&feature=relmfu


And to wind up, here is a nice compilation of Romney misstatements about the Obama administration, with video rebuttal:


Enjoy your weekend–and remember where it came from, the not-Romneys of the world.

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