Go Saints — a delightful win

Go, Saints –delightful win
  –This was a lovely Super Bowl to watch, or partly watch. Go Saints–a nice bright moment for New Orleans, and the city deserves it. Streets and cable channels celebrating, and no wonder. Of course it’s always fun to watch warm weather (from the perspective of stuck-in frigid DC) and a good game. This one had some extra pluses.

Tracy Porter speaks becomingly . . .

As everybody knows, the game also included one of the brightest interceptions lately–one of the best i.e. most memorable for me individually since a Rice alum intercepted for an 11-yard touchdown run for the Redskins against the Dallas Cowboys. Fun all the way around, though possibly less so if you’re watching in a Dallas sports bar.

Those Saints do usually know how to find a warm place. I actually met one of them–years ago–in a Little Rock bar where three gentlemen introduced themselves modestly as Tom, Jack, Tom and taught me (temporarily) how to play bourre. Only after the game started did I notice that one of the guys named Tom held his cards, un-self-consciously, in a hand with the fingers sheared off at an angle. Apparently that same youthful accident took off parts of the toes on one foot–and he became a really good kicker.

Speaking of New Orleans, the city also elected to return to the Landrieu family line for its new mayor, Mitch Landrieu. Another sign that that telephone stunt in Sen. Mary Landrieu’s office by James O’Keefe and the other young people, costumed, that he used for the op may not have gone over too well in the court of public opinion. Wonder whether Landrieu’s mayoral election is being mentioned by the tea partiers.

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