Another late Friday afternoon drop: Goldman CEO gets $9M bonus

Another late Friday afternoon drop: Goldman CEO gets $9M bonus
  –Another news drop postponed to a late Friday afternoon, another postponed announcement by Goldman Sachs. Goldman, if you recall, previously did its bit for Scott Brown by delaying its annual bonus announcement–scheduled for the day before the Massachusetts special election–until a couple of days after the election to fill the seat long held by Edward M. Kennedy.

Goldman London office

A further delayed release dribbled out late yesterday–the amount of the 2009 bonus for Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein. This item is not hitting the news cycle quietly, however; already there are hundreds of carries on it. The New York Times among numerous others also notes that the business press, especially Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal, is emphasizing the minuses in the Blankfein bonus. True enough, the $9 million for 2009 does represent a decline from Blankfein’s peak bonus of $68 million. Also to be noted, as hundreds of publications have, is that Goldman Sachs had a record-breaking profitable year in 2009.

These people are not subtle.

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