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Jurisdiction, courts, and filings

Searching for trustee filings is not a quick-and-easy process. The idea is that the filings would show which houses will be coming up on the market in foreclosure sales; this is the kind of tip passed along in online conversation threads for would-be investors who want to dabble in real estate. In Maryland, however, getting Read More

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“Important Notice about Eviction”

Imagine coming home and finding a notice posted on your front door: A person who claims the right to possess this property believes that this property is abandoned. You just got home–from work, errands, visits. You’ve lived in the house for years; it’s your home. You and your relatives know the house well; so do Read More

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Why is a P. G. County official (or his family) buying up foreclosed homes?

On October 14, 2016, my neighbor received a two-page letter from the bank holding her mortgage note, M&T Bank. As foreclosure letters go, it could have been worse, on paper. M&T told her that it was “reviewing” her “workout package.” “It is possible,” the bankers informed her, that “we may determine that additional information is Read More

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The Middle Class Needs Legal Aid, Too

Middle class needs legal aid too In a sad, terrifying piece titled “Foreclosure’s Final Act,” today’s Washington Post reports a rare glimpse of our courtrooms from the perspective of the ordinary citizen: “The court clerk calls his name, and Harry Rexrode, not entirely sure what to do, steps to the defendant’s table. He is dressed Read More

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