The 2004 election revisited part 10, Florida

Revisiting the 2004 election, part 10–Florida Today there are still gaps in federal regulatory authority and oversight of the voting technology industry. Not surprising, when you look at the standard GOP talking point about ‘regulation’ as a ‘job killer’, but it is a bit jarring that even the Federal Election Commission (FEC) had a complete […]

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The 2004 election revisited, part 4: Ohio

Rep. Conyers Revisiting the 2004 election. Part 4–Ohio. Heading toward the new year, following up previous 2004 election entries. This history may become newly relevant. GWBush and his ‘brain’ On Election Day 2004, the close states were hit hardest: Voters in some areas in Ohio, Florida, Iowa and New Mexico suffered significant problems casting their […]

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