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Good faith is an element in every contract

[Update May 2. Here is the reply to my question to the Maryland Attorney General’s office:] Your email to Attorney General Brian Frosh has been referred to me for response. You have inquired into whether the Maryland Attorney General could assist with the enforcement of contracts between authors and publishers. Under a valid contract between and author and a publisher, the parties are legally required… Read More

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“What went wrong” in 2016? Are they kidding?

Going where the denial is thickest–in the news media As a rape survivor myself*, I believe Juanita Broaddrick. I listened to Ms. Broaddrick when she was interviewed on Dateline NBC back in 1999. I listened carefully to everything she said, and–as a lifelong registered Democrat myself–I believe her with all my heart. Her accusation was that Bill Clinton assaulted her, in Arkansas, years earlier, when… Read More

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Pneumonia and Dishonesty

As has now been disclosed, Secretary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, September 9, according to the statement by her physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack. Her campaign revealed the diagnosis on Sunday, September 11–five hours after a videotape aired her condition. Setting aside duplicity, spin and careerism, from the perspective of the body politic there are several genuine concerns. First, for the record–I am still… Read More

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Financial-political corruption is not just a “single issue”

Lead Paint and the Tangled Web of Corporate Finance Back in August the Washington Post ran an excellent, heartbreaking article on rip-offs of victims of lead paint poisoning. The article linked here should be read in full, but the short story is that finance companies induce poor people with annuities to cash their annuities in for a lump-sum pittance. In Baltimore, which like other older cities… Read More

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The Elephant and the Denatured Donkey in the Room

As the New Hampshire presidential primary approaches (February 9), the national political press is consumed with speculation over Donald Trump’s lead in the GOP. Secondarily, it is speculating over how well Sen. Bernie Sanders’ lead on the Democratic side will hold up. The corollary re the GOP is that establishment candidates must be ‘winnowed’, so that Republicans can ‘coalesce’ around an alternative to Trump or… Read More

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Hillary Clinton Would Be Awful for the Democratic Party in 2016

  And the Republicans know it. This post will be short.* Clinton would be the worst possible choice for Democratic nominee in 2016. Every flaw revealed in the 2008 campaign is still there, not to be ignored in a presidential campaign. Clinton’s one plus is that much of her work as Secretary of State was good; she was part of a good governmental team. But… Read More

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WHAT YOU DIDN’T READ, ABOUT THE 2014 ELECTIONS Memo to Democrats: This is what you get, when the face of the Democratic Party is the Clintons. Memo to Democrats: No passionate voter likes a lack of choice, a monopoly candidate. Memo to Democrats: Passionate voters are not inspired by an election that looks preordained. Let alone by an election that looks bought. Let alone by… Read More

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