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The 2012 primaries have finally defined Santorum territory and Romney territory

The 2012 southern primaries yesterday marked a clear dividing line–finally If the GOP primaries have established a consistent pattern, it is that the dividing line for the Romney-Santorum-Gingrich threesome is rural appeal versus metropolitan/suburban appeal. Santorum has the less populated counties almost all to himself, in most states; Romney and Gingrich battle it out for the more populated areas. This pattern has been partly defined… Read More

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The 2012 GOP primaries in the South–two today

2012 southern primaries today The big political ticket today is two southern primaries, in Alabama and Mississippi—Hawaii and American Samoa have caucuses today, too, but that’s a different story, and anyway, the delegates from beautiful places at remote distances are mainly being commandeered by Mitt Romney. A competent run-down on the probabilities here   All the discussion serves as a reminder of how many kinds… Read More

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The 2012 southern strategy and a GOP pincer movement on Afghanistan

2012 southern strategy and the giant pincer movement on Afghanistan     The political equation of winning-and-losing is far from the most important point about Afghanistan. The shooting spree by a U.S. soldier who apparently had a nervous breakdown and shot Afghan civilians, including women and children, is only the most recent dreadful event. Not one Afghani was on those planes on September 11, 2001.… Read More

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