Caveat emptor – “Wiky.Team” (Caymans)

If you are reading this, you know that my web site is located at You know that I am the author. I am the creator of this blog site and am the only copyright owner.

It has now come to my attention, as they say, that a purveyor called “Wiky.Team” is converting my site to pdf and is giving away and/or selling it. Link here.

Wiky.Team does not have my consent. Neither Wiky.Team nor anyone else besides me can lawfully sell, give, or otherwise convey the contents of my blog site, without my knowledge and consent.

I do not know the full extent of the damage. Clicking the link at different moments yields different results. I’ve printed off a couple and downloaded a couple. The most recent one gave

Rating: 4/5 from 8218 votes.

The upload date for this one was June 9, 2016. The most recent posts at that time were several articles I had written on the 2016 Clinton campaign.


Reloading the Wiky.Team page, I get

Rating:  3/5 from 9424 votes.

That was based apparently on an upload date of February 28, 2016. My most recent post was an article I titled “The elephant and the denatured donkey in the room,” also about the 2016 election. (The New Hampshire primary was imminent when I wrote the article, past on the date of the upload.)

Reloading the Wiky.Team page again, I get an upload date of April 15, 2016, and a “rating” of 3.5/5 from 1553 votes. Diminished all around, apparently. Let’s see–what was the new one that date?

Oh, yes. The article titled “Hillary Clinton in campaign 2008: Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination as talking point.”

I wonder, of course, who is uploading my blog site in pdf.

I wonder even more whether the uploaders are getting my work only as a free introductory offer, part of the one-month initial trial period for free. Or are they paying Wiky.Team for my work?

Either way, Wiky.Team has not gotten in touch with me, via direct deposit or otherwise.

More later.





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