No, Zimmerman wasn’t beaten up

No, Zimmerman wasn’t beaten up.

George Zimmerman soon after

Why is the defense trying to maximize injuries that everyone can see were not extensive? Is there really a chance that any literate person believes Zimmerman was the victim here?

Again, not to sound too harsh, but if, underscore if, Zimmerman got punched in the nose, he deserved it. Has collective amnesia set in?


  • Zimmerman was in his vehicle, watching Trayvon Martin, who was on foot.
  • Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin, both in his vehicle and–after he got out–on foot. Trayvon Martin’s phone conversation is evidence that he was being followed.


  • Zimmerman GOT OUT of his vehicle, to pursue Trayvon Martin, who was at the time walking back to his dad’s place, having walked to a convenience store.
  • Zimmerman got out of his vehicle even after being told by law enforcement that “we don’t need you to do that.”


  • Zimmerman was armed.
  • Trayvon was unarmed.


  • It was Zimmerman who was the older guy. Zimmerman was the adult; Trayvon Martin the teenager.
  • It was Zimmerman who was the bigger guy.


  • It was Zimmerman who pursued Trayvon Martin, not the other way around.
  • It was Zimmerman who lighted on Martin, even phoning about Martin’s presence to authorities, although Martin had a perfect right to be where he was.


  • It was Zimmerman who shot a weapon, not Trayvon Martin.
  • It was Martin who ended up killed, lying on the grass, with no sign on him of having been in an altercation anything like what Zimmerman and his family members have tried to represent.

There is not one iota of credible evidence that Zimmerman was in danger from Trayvon Martin. Had he been in danger from Martin, by the way, after accosting Martin and picking a fight, Martin would have been justified under the stand-your-ground  mindset in becoming dangerous.

On top of everything else, copious information has already shown that Zimmerman was a cop-wannabe, that he had vigilante tendencies; there is no question that he was riding around armed, though for what purpose has never been clarified.

And the defense is trying to make a big deal of Trayvon Martin’s having done some work in high school gym class?

Is this the thinnest defense since O. J. Simpson’s?

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