More on Family Research Council shooter Floyd Corkins

More on the FRC shooter

Some further background information on Floyd Lee Corkins, II, identified as the shooter who tried to bust in on Family Research Council headquarters in Washington, D.C., yesterday, and was stopped by the heroic security guard he wounded:

Suspect in FRC shooting in custody


Note: The following are biographical items only, offering only indirect insight if any into the events:

  • According to public records, Floyd Lee Corkins II was born May 3, 1984, in Indiana.
  • At the time, his family lived on Grissom Air Force Base. From the Logansport Pharos Tribune (Logansport, Ind.) May 11, 1984, p. 2: “Jacqueline Corkins and son Grissom AFB dismissed from hospital.”
  • One record lists Floyd L. Corkins II as having attended the University of Maryland from 1999 through 2001. Not known whether he graduated.
  • A Facebook page for Floyd Corkins II lists him as attending George Mason University.
  • His most recent addresses are Herndon, Va., and 2079 Tucson Avenue, Andrews Air Force Base, Md. 20762.
  • His parents are Floyd L., age 55, and Jacqueline S. Corkins.
  • His family is listed in public records and directories as having lived at 1534 Gardenia Lane # B, Yigo, Guam 96929, location of Andersen Air Force Base; 2617 Copehart Avenue, Grissom Air Force Base, Ind. 46971 (1986); 35032 Altus Court, Grissom Air Force Base, Ind. 46971 (1993-1995); Peru, Ind.; 5705 SE 82nd Street, Oklahoma City, Okla. 73135 (1996); 9716 Crest Dr, Oklahoma City, Okla. 73130 (1996-1999) ; and the Tucson Ave address at Andrews Air Force Base (2001-2002),

From NPR, the following interesting nuggets, no pun intended:

“Corkins who had been volunteering recently at a community center for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, made a negative comment about the organization’s activity before the shooting, but the reference was not specific, one of the law enforcement officials said. Two law enforcement officials said Corkins was carrying sandwiches from Chick-fil-A, a fast-food chain whose president’s opposition to same-sex marriage recently placed the restaurant at the center of a national cultural debate.”

“Corkins had been volunteering for about the past six months at The DC Center for the LGBT Community, said David Mariner, executive director of the community center, which is in Northwest Washington. He usually staffed the center’s front desk on Saturdays, and his most recent shift was about two weeks ago.”

So we have an Air Force brat, moving from base to base through his growing-up years and located in the mid-Atlantic as a twenty-something. Make of it what you will; theories are premature at this stage.


College--Va. or Md.?

Questions, however, are not:


Why did he volunteer at LGTB? Was he scoping it out for an attack, too?

Conversely, why did he patronize Chick-fil-A? Was he scoping it out for an attack?

When he went to the Family Research Council headquarters, what did he know of FRC?


What exactly did he say on entering? What was his criticism, verbatim?


In his previous years and home sites, was he known for either pro- or anti-gay rhetoric or activity?



It is to be hoped that these and other questions will be answered.


For now, our friends on the right seem to be exercised about claiming–falsely–that ‘the media’ are ‘ignoring’ the shooting.


That’s what’s not happening. As a wonderful editor, now sadly gone, once said: “Breaking news will break you.”

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2 Responses to More on Family Research Council shooter Floyd Corkins

  1. Tiffany N. Adams says:

    I am mortified at the extent ignorant people will go to dig up information about my 1st cousin and his family! Though he has acted out in this terrible manner in which he is suffering the consequences for at this time is not enough for NOISY PEOPLE! His family is coping with alot! Everyone is in just as much shock as the rest of the world! Lee is a great person and I as well as the rest of his family loves him still unconditionally and will give him the support he needs during this trying time in his life! I am just sick of all the negative things being said about my cousin regarding his race which is ITALIAN AND BLACK! So Just remember to get the facts straight and know what you are speaking on before you go posting things! And he is has traveled and lived in many parts of the world with my uncle and aunt but “HE IS NOT A MILITARY BRAT”! We were raised together and I know for a fact he was raised with morals and values! I LOVE MY COUSIN FLOYD LEE CORKINS II and I will continue to give my love and support for him no matter what!

  2. curious says:

    if you know him so well can you explain why he was bouncing from air force base to air force base if he wasnt in the air force?

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