[minutes ago:] Police moving in on Occupy DC

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Occupy DC, from wikipedia

Dear supporters,

As you are currently reading this email occupiers in McPherson Sq (K St./15th St) are being threatened by the Park Police, Riot Police, and regular DC police. At noon police ordered to take down our structure that got donated by a father-son architect team, and was constructed together last night in the park. The structure will act as a gathering place for our general assemblies during the winter, where the people can exercise pure-unfiltered free speech. The police has taped of the structure, while around two dozen people are occupying the building and refusing to get of the roof. Police are refusing protesters from giving basic necessities to the occupiers in the building like water, food, and clothes. Hundreds have gathered already in the square and are watching the police arresting people, silencing theirs and yours freedom of speech.


McPherson Square, empty

Please show your solidarity to the movement by coming down the McPherson Sq. and defend our and yours freedom of speech that is being threatened in this nation for so long. Reports and rumors are spreading that police might use aggressive force and tactics, but so far nothing has been reported.


Occupy DC is now 64 days old and is the now the oldest non-stop Occupy encampment in the nation. If you can not make it you can watch our Livestream and follow us on Twitter at @OccupyKst and @Occupy_DC.

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