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Not much help from John Kerry?

Apropos of the 2004 election– No ‘do-overs’? Well, no, but how about court cases? The Department of Justice? Kerry Just got a somewhat awkwardly timed appeal for money, sent out over the signature of Sen. John Kerry: “Here’s a lesson seared into all of us: in elections, there are no do-overs. We only get one shot to keep the Tea Party from taking over the… Read More

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The 2004 election revisited, part 3

Election Integrity Revisiting the 2004 election. Part 3. Still working in the holiday season—a useful change of work from hearing about Gingrich/Santorum/et al. is to remember the problems in 2004. Whoever wins the GOP nomination this year will have to do some fancy stepping to win the White House. Re past tactics, forewarned is forearmed. Title says it all On March 31, 2005, a group… Read More

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