“Rick Perry is finished” line being pushed by anti-immigrant PAC

Coming soon from more than one rightwing group near you, the following message. Self-explanatory.


ALIPAC’s “Perry Is Finished” Press Release Goes Viral Across America !

Rick Perry Is Finished
For National Release
Friday, September 23


ALIPAC’s ‘Perry Is Finished’ Release Goes Viral Across America!
Sunday, September 25

Topic: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

Friends of ALIPAC,

We want each of you to know that ALIPAC’s press release titled “Rick Perry Is Finished” has gone completely viral on the web and in the main stream media.

Despite intense and protracted efforts to silence us and prevent news agencies from quoting us, we have succeeded once again.

The false and defamatory attacks by numerous multimillion dollar organizations that support amnesty and the illegal immigration invasion of America, such as ADL, SPLC, NAACP, LULAC, MALDEF, and La Raza, have failed to stop ALIPAC’s ability to remain a notable national organization.

It is clear to all that ALIPAC is a national leader in the fight against illegal immigration and against Amnesty, and that we are influencing which candidates will or will not win races for Congress, US Senate, and the Presidency.

Our national press release and the materials contained in it have been picked up by major wire services Reuters and Associated Press as well as Fox News. Our position that Rick Perry just destroyed his chances due to his support for in-state tuition benefits for illegal aliens appears in hundreds of newspapers across America today…

Our “Rick Perry Is Finished” national press release has been read over 17,000 time on our website while Google shows us the term
“Rick Perry Is Finished” has quickly risen from a few mentions to over 4,700 websites now carrying all or part of ALIPAC’s release.

As Americans opened their Sunday papers, our web traffic at www.ALIPAC.us set new historic records with over 26,000 pages of our site viewed between 9-10am ET alone!

If you were to try to put a price tag on how much this amount of exposure would cost you in advertising to the American public, the tab would be in the millions.

But we have accomplished this with a minuscule budget because we are trying our best to speak for the 81% of Americans of all races, political parties, and walks of life that have said NO in the polls and surveys regarding taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens.

Thanks to you, millions of Americans are hearing ALIPAC’s message this weekend.

Many of you have heard the news that Perry lost the Florida GOP straw poll and Herman Cain won. Fox News reports that voting delegates in Florida cite Perry’s unpopular comments about illegal immigration as their reason for not voting for him.

Rick Perry has destroyed his own chances at winning the GOP Presidential nomination, and our job has been to inform and educate the media and public on this issue.

We are accomplishing that in a grand fashion but we have much more work to do.

This coming week, we have to make sure that more Americans find out about Rick Perry’s support for illegal aliens to assure his support levels continue to fall.

Then, we will have the historic example of Rick Perry’s political implosion as a warning to all traitorous candidates and lawmakers that would stand on the side of the illegal immigrant invasion of American against the rising American defenders.

We have placed many of the major news articles from Fox News, Associated Press, Texas Tribune, Dallas Morning News, and Reuters UK on our homepage at www.ALIPAC.us for you to review.

Special thanks to all of our allies out there that reported, posted, forwarded, and relayed our timely and direct release!

Special welcome to the numerous new supporters that have joined ALIPAC’s email alerts in the last 48 hours in response to our national press coverage and popularly supported positions.

More great things to come!

William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

Some of the many articles quoting ALIPAC since Friday

Perry’s Stance on Illegal Immigration Threatens His Front-Runner Status
FOX News Network, LLC
Sunday, September 25

It’s a Perry Pile-On, Some Critical of His Illegal Immigration Views
The Texas Tribune
Saturday, September 24

Conservatives slam Perry’s support of education benefits for illegals
Saturday, September 24

Day after debate, Perry feels fallout from stand on illegal immigration
Saturday, September 24

Romney pounces on U.S. rival Perry on immigration
Friday, September 23


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