Keith Olbermann Delivers an Excellent Commentary on Illegal ‘Renditions’

Keith Olbermann Delivers an Excellent Commentary on ‘Illegal Renditions’ –Just a few short minutes of air time, but Countdown’s Keith Olbermann just gave a very good comment on some consequences of those illegal spook-authorized ‘rendition’ flights delivering unknown prisoners to unknown destinations at the behest of unnamed foreign powers.

One immediate consequence: An American lawyer has been snatched, apparently partly under the auspices of Russian Federation countries, accused of industrial espionage against  Belarus, and flown out of the country.

Amnesty International and the U.S. State Department, with private assistance, are trying to get him out. His name is Seltzer.

As Olbermann points out, the administration–behind the State Department–might need to think about whether this rendition of a U.S. citizen comes about because of past rendition flights involving other persons, under who-knows-what authorization.

Yet another mess for the new Obama administration to clean up, as far as it can.

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