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Conventional wisdom already setting into concrete about Nevada and South Carolina

The conventional wisdom is already congealing around results in the Nevada and South Carolina presidential contests yesterday.  On the Republican side, the line is that John McCain

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What Really Happened in New Hampshire?

What Really Happened in New Hampshire? Serious discrepancies suggest a miscount in the New Hampshire primary. If the ballots counted by hand in part of the state are any indication, then Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) may have beaten Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) for top spot in the Democratic primary, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) beat former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney by 13 points rather than by… Read More

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New Hampshire announces a recount in NH primary

New Hampshire Secretary of State William M. Gardner announced Friday in a press release that Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich and Republican candidate Albert Howard have requested a recount. Gardner states that the recount will start Wednesday, January 16. According to the press release on the NH Sec of State web site, “Mr. Howard and Mr. Kucinich have satisfied the requirements for initiating a statewide recount… Read More

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New Hampshire primary 1988: Allegations of voting machine election fraud

Analysts hypothesize this morning that the last-minute Clinton vote in the New Hampshire primary was partly a matter of Barack Obama’s race. But would Dennis Kucinich supporters and Bill Richardson supporters have made a last-minute turn to Clinton in the voting booth because of ‘race’? Maybe a walk down memory lane would help explain. Among the wickedest recent examples of possible computerized vote fraud, of… Read More

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Leading to Iraq: High crimes and misdemeanors. November, 2002.


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