Bush-connected company won in court

Bush-connected company won in court September 12, 2001

In a brief unpublished opinion, the California court system handed an obscure and now-defunct security company called Securacom one of its few court wins. The date is memorable–Sept. 12, 2001.

Securacom, as readers may recall, was the name of a security contractor later renamed Stratesec. Its board of directors throughout the 1990s included Marvin Bush, youngest brother of George W. Bush. It was headed by Wirt D. Walker, who also headed two other now-disbanded companies, Aviation General (formerly Commander Aircraft) and the Kuwait-American Company (KuwAm). It was capitalized largely with funding from Kuwaiti royals; a member of the ruling al-Sabah, Mishal al-Sabah, a longtime friend and business associate of Walker’s, also held company positions and sat on the board of directors.

The unpublished ruling reads in full,
“Information Systems and Networks Corporation, Cross-complainant and Appellant v. Securacom Inc., Cross-defendant and Respondent S099607

2001 Cal. LEXIS 6179

September 12, 2001, Decided


PRIOR HISTORY: Appeal from First Appellate District. Division One. No. A091315.

OPINION: Petition for review DENIED.”

Securacom, the company, was notable chiefly for its big-time, long-term clients including the World Trade Center and Dulles Airport; for its repeated infusions of capital in spite of a track record of questionable financial management; and for its connections to the Bush family.

With all the press attention now given–belatedly–to longtime ties between the Bushes and the Sauds, the fact that the ruling family of Kuwait has also looked after Bush family interests for years has been overlooked.

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