Even the claims of show biz endorsements for ABC 9/11 miniseries are false

Even claims of show biz endorsements for the exploitative ABC miniseries are wrong

Regarding the challenged ABC miniseries on events before 9/11*, right-wing commentator Hugh Hewitt sends around this graf:

“An exclamation point on this event is the fact that Oliver Stone will endorse the project this week. Not known for his conservative leanings, he loves the project. Perhaps this and the fact that the production company that made Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” are endorsing it would underline just how far out or touch and scared the Clinton Admin is about the revelation of the facts as portrayed in this project. Is it just that Clinton is continuing to re-define his legacy? Or is it his fears for this election cycle and 2008? Or both?”

The really splashy claim here? –Oliver Stone loves it!

Hugh Hewitt

So far, that claim is rebuffed, at least by anyone available for comment.

Lawrence Bender Productions, via Bender, distances self from any notion that Stone endorsed the miniseries.

Participant Productions–which also made Fast Food Nation among other credits–sends the following, in response to emailed questions.

“Dear Margie,

Thank you for contacting Participant Productions. I am not aware of any such endorsement from our company regarding the ABC miniseries set to air this coming week. For confirmation on this matter, please contact our PR firm at . . .”

A remarkable claim by Hewitt, all in all.

Source, unstated. Thesis, unlikely. Evidence, nonexistent.


*Link inserted.

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