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George Soros on Israel and Lebanon, Boston Globe

Boston GlobeAugust 31, 2006By George Soros The failure of Israel to subdue Hezbollah demonstrates the many weaknesses of the war-on-terror concept. One of those weaknesses is that even if the targets are terrorists, the victims are often innocent civilians, and their suffering reinforces the terrorist cause. In response to Hezbollah’s attacks, Israel was justified in attacking Hezbollah to protect itself against the threat of missiles… Read More

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Neocon points on high crimes and misdemeanors

I. The first several paragraphs of this lengthy disquisition, providing some etymology and colonial American background on high crimes and misdemeanors, argue that the Founders left the phrase grave but broad intentionally. The phrase was intended to be a real check on the powers of the Executive, without being so elastic as to give Congress a parliamentary ability to remove a president at any time… Read More

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Here, young readers, are the first few grafs of a Washington Post article that ran on December 2, 2003. Gov. Howard Dean of Vermont was making rapid headway toward the Democratic presidential nomination:  

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Offshore Tax Havens

Offshore tax havens Map of tax haven hot spots The gutsy Senate investigation into offshore tax havens has produced explosive material. Too bad there wasn’t more of an explosion in the big media outlets. On August 1, the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations released its 370-page report with an equally thick stack of primary documents, in conjunction with a five-hour hearing and often dramatic testimony recorded… Read More

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