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Hedge fund regulation and the Senate Banking Committee

It is sad to reflect that if slavery were by some hideous quirk made legal again, undoubtedly a certain number of individuals in the U.S. would be willing to sell themselves into it. This morning, the Senate Banking Committee held a hearing on regulating what in the world of finance is known as hedge funds. To start with, there is more than one definition of… Read More

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Katrina aftermath, part 2

Excerpt from second of two letters sent home, after Katrina, by alumni from the small Mississippi where I once taught:  

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More timely as time passes: Andrew Thomas’s Aviation Insecurity

Almost five years after September 11, 2001, the book titled Aviation Insecurity, by security analyst Andrew Thomas, published by Prometheus Books in 2003, is only becoming more timely.   Some books do not wear well over time, but this one does. Virtually every passing month further corroborates the discussion and analysis by Thomas of U.S. lack of aviation security before September 11 and now.  … Read More

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Condoleezza Rice slips, makes unintentionally true statement

This morning on This Week with George Stephanopoulos (ABC), Condoleezza Rice, interviewed on the violence in the Middle East: Rice, awkwardly trying to justify the administration’s non-support of a cease-fire, stays with the Bush-Cheney fantasy line that “extremists” facing “a new Middle East” are the cause and source of the violence. (No mention of repressive regimes or the mistreatment of Palestine.) Her reasoning is the neocon argument… Read More

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Miraculous timing of the skyjackers, Part 3 – getting the right seats on 4 planes

Aside from other factors, one that surely worked to the advantage of the 9/11 hijackers was that each of the four flights they caught on that fateful day was carrying significantly less than a full passenger load. Again we have what appears to be little short of a miraculous concatenation of timing and other circumstances:   Since the four planes, like the World Trade Center,… Read More

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The miraculous timing of the 9/11 skyjackers, Part 1

Continuing from previous blogs . . . All things considered, the strikes of September 11, 2001, from the perspective of the skyjackers, amount to a miracle of timing. Let

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“We haven’t had a terrorist attack since”

Continuing from previous blogs . . . The current lockstep line from the corporate Right is that

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Tiers of hijackers for day of tears

Continuing from previous blogs . . . One thing the 9/11 Commission incontestably got right is that the 9/11 skyjackers were a team comprising more than one tier. The 19 men who hijacked four U.S. jumbo jets in three U.S. airports had varying degrees of expertise and in several instances lacked expertise in, for example, aviation or engineering; they entered the U.S. at several different… Read More

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Demolitions were neither necessary nor sufficient to bring down the World Trade Center

Demolitions were neither necessary nor sufficient to bring down the World Trade Center   The main beneficiary of erroneous stories about 9/11 is George W. Bush–as this administration clearly recognizes, since it has resisted at every step of the way every investigation of every aspect of the plotting behind the attacks. It has not resisted–if you notice–the circulation of obviously bogus narratives, the assertion that… Read More

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