Schumer: “Americans don’t want investigation”

Unfortunately Mitch McConnell and Charles Schumer weighed in, on a Sunday head show, on chances of Democrats’ retaking Congress in the fall elections.

I have thought for some time that both Mr. Schumer and Mrs. Clinton have no real political existence except to buffer the Republican Party in NY state, where the GOP is outnumbered 2-1. Schumer’s appearance yesterday (May 28) did nothing to change that impression.

McConnell (R-KY), an old tobacco industry buy-in, asserted that Democrats have a simple agenda: (1) wave the white flag in the “war on terror”; (2) raise taxes; (3) censure the president in the Senate; and (4) impeach the president in the House. I couldn’t help thinking how un-threatening most of that sounded. Presumably the “white flag” is McConnell’s way of referring to getting out of Iraq. I can guess what he’d think of getting the U.S. oil companies out of there, which is a sine qua non for America’s regaining any credibility in the rest of the world.

Schumer then repeated his previous catch phrases of “change” and “a new direction,” claiming that turf for the Dems. Shades of Gary Hart in the Eighties . . . “new ideas” are worse than a shibboleth. Food, water, shelter, education, medicine — which of these is a new idea? Any hack so far gone in hackery, like Schumer (the number-one check kiter in the House, I believe), as to be unable to perceive the real needs of people in this country should not be allowed on television.

Schumer also claimed that there will be no investigating, should Dems win Congress, saying that the American people don’t want investigation. The real name of one 9/11 hijacker, “Majed Moqed,” still has not been released to the public, presumably to protect either his relatives in the old country (which old country? — good question), or the administration insiders/cronies linked with said relatives. — And Schumer says we don’t want investigation? Not only should Mrs. Clinton lose her primary (to anyone running against her), NY State shd explore possibilities of a recall for Schumer. Meanwhile, his saying anything is a waste of air, speaking of precious resources.

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