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More on Mitt Romney’s tax returns, more ties with the Bushes

More reasons for Mitt Romney to release tax returns, or maybe another reason why he hasn’t released his tax returns Ties with Team Bush, part 1   To be clear, the foremost reason why a candidate for the White House should release financial records is principle. The public has a right to know of any encumbrances and influences borne by someone running for the presidency,… Read More

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Today’s history lesson: CaterAir, George W. Bush (and Marriott)

Today’s history lesson: CaterAir, George W. Bush (and Marriott) In July 2003, the founder of the Carlyle Group, David Rubenstein, chatted with company investors and made several tape-recorded comments about a former director at one Carlyle subsidiary. The subsidiary was an ill-fated airline-food company named CaterAir International Corporation, a spin-off from Marriott, and the director was George W. Bush: “But when we were putting the… Read More

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The Colorado shootings: There were danger signs

Colorado shooter’s stockpiling an arsenal was a danger sign As word got out about the high-tech arsenal and combat gear amassed by Aurora, Colo., shooter James Holmes, some elements on the right immediately seized on the factual news as basis for supposititious theories. Predictably the theories are being circulated by email.   The main narrative runs as follows: Holmes’ equipment is too good for ordinary… Read More

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Those pesky regulations and the empty threat of filibuster

Regulation, public policy and the hollow threat of filibuster Family responsibilities and work have taken me in recent months to Louisville, Ky., Shreveport, La., and Houston, Texas. The changes of place did not change the big picture. In every place, local news stories and larger news stories–this is something one can count on–reconfirmed the need for what the GOP calls ‘job-killing regulations’. This phrase is… Read More

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“When life gives you lemons, shoot people”–James Holmes shows up on Twitter after all

“When life gives you lemons, shoot people.” James Holmes on Twitter? Before going more to the plethora of evidence that James Eagan Holmes acquired his arsenal on the Internet, here are some indications of his social media use. The New York Post reported Saturday–following TMZ, Radar Online and Mediaite–that Holmes appears to have shown up recently on a sex web site, AdultFriendFinder. His username is… Read More

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2012 self funding and the state of Florida

More on self funding in 2012   Self financing, once again, has not lighted up on the big board as one of the top political stories in 2012, and not merely because it is overshadowed by Mitt Romney’s refusal to disclose his tax returns. While there are some expensively self-financed mayor’s races, including in California–where, incidentally, more cities may soon declare bankruptcy than in any… Read More

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2012 self funded candidates: Going anywhere?

2012 self funded candidates   This year, with all the rightful attention to Mitt Romney’s undisclosed tax returns and other financial records, the spotlight has moved away temporarily from some other big money–several large self-funded campaigns for federal office. But a quick check into who is self-funding suggests that the phenomenon of self-funding is continuing to drain GOP prospects in fall. This suggestion should not… Read More

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Political Animals hurting

Political Animals?   Sigourney Weaver is terrific. She was terrific in Alien, where she started with a script not pointedly rewritten for a woman from the man’s part originally envisioned. She was good even in fluffy Galaxy Quest, and in Ghostbusters I and II, more earnest fluff; good as a damsel-in-distress psychologist and target-of-serial-killer in Copycat with Holly Hunter; impressively off-putting as boss-lady vis-a-vis Melanie… Read More

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