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Health care reform according to the Washington Post

Health care reform impossible, according to the Post –I’ve said it before: ‘Smart people’ living in places like Massachusetts–those would be the ones who did not vote in the special election–have no idea what President Obama is up against in Washington. Quick fact: Over the previous year, the Washington Post has run 1,642 articles, columns or editorials mentioning health care reform or health insurance reform.… Read More

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Why Aren’t Insurers Pressuring the Auto Manufacturers?

Why Aren’t Insurers Pressuring the Auto Manufacturers?  –Surely, in the interest of preventing future payouts, the insurers have a motive to prevent accidents.Right? Right? After all, we hear insurers declaiming their cost-consciousness all over the place, looking high and low for ways to save money, when it comes to preventing litigation via legislative ‘tort reform.’ So wouldn’t it behoove the same insurers to do everything… Read More

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