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Reporting on GOP without mentioning Ron Paul, reporting police deaths emphasizing Mike Huckabee

A lengthy front-pager devoted to the divisions within the GOP in this morning’s Washington Post omitted any mention of Ron Paul. This in spite of the fact that the article notes an increase in percentage of GOPers identifying themselves as ‘very conservative’ fiscally, up from a couple of years ago. Rep. Paul (R-Tex.), with whom I often disagree though not over the Iraq war–which he… Read More

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Trains, books, and anti-union propaganda

Trains, books and anti-union propaganda In an OpEd News interview with Joan Brunwasser I referred to some antique anti-union propaganda I ran across. Here are more specifics. The book series itself was titled THE BOYS’ STORY OF THE RAILROAD SERIES, published early 20th century by The Page Company (which, like the vast majority of early U.S. publishers, no longer exists). The books are obviously designed… Read More

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