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Securacom (Stratesec) finally won one

An emailer informs me–mistakenly, as it turns out–that Judge Samuel Alito has already done a judicial favor for the Bush family. That item turns out to be a misreading of a case in the California Supreme Court. Nonetheless, it raises an intriguing detail, and is a useful reminder about yet another of the many lawsuits that our security-and-surveillance industry has gotten itself entangled in, over the years.… Read More

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And still more from Iraq . . .

Also quoted in full, without editing/comment: “On the subject of contractors and your tax dollars, I have a new acronym for you – “P-S-D” – “Personal Security Detail.”  Because the military is stretched so thin, the US Government hires PSD firms to provide security details for various government departments. > PSDs are armed to the hilt and drive armored SUVs with impunity.  No laws apply to them.  They are not official… Read More

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