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Little help for one Texas family

[I am conveying this message, for what little help possible, for a Texas woman who has been through more than any one family can endure.]   To: BOC ADMINISTRATOR & BOARD MEMBERS   From: Brenda Pitts Bennett (Mother of inmate) 701 Meadowdale Royse City, Texas75189 972-636-3575  Dear Mr. Administrator, Hello and hope you are good?I am faxing you this plea letter regarding my son,… Read More

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Time for Greenspan to resign

It is time for Mr. Greenspan to retire. Things were bad enough last week, when he appeared publicly to support, at least partly, the White House attack on Social Security.   Time out:  yes, it is an attack on Social Security. Regardless of the choice of euphemisms, any proposal to “divert” or otherwise remove payroll taxes from the Social Security program, to send them elsewhere,… Read More

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