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The White House and I

The White House and I Going through old emails has turned up several questions I sent, or attempted to send, to the White House or to some office within it. To date, none have been answered. That is, no one in the administration got back to me, and also they have not been answered in the wider press. Readers might find them interesting. Note:  These… Read More

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Who was “Majed Moqed”?

If you’re in the DC area, there will be a press conference tomorrow, Jan. 26, at the National Press Club in Washington, DC (529 14th St NW, Holeman Lounge). Featured speaker Sibel Edmonds, formerly a Middle East translator for the FBI, will be supported by several 9/11 families. Frustrated over intelligence lapses and other problems in the period preceding Sept. 11, 2001, Edmonds became an… Read More

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Monica, UBL, Fox, CBS, and the Washington Post

Today’s WashPost introduces a forthcoming book, “Bad News,” by Tom Fenton, who retired from CBS and writes about his years there. ( The article indicates that Fenton wanted to report on Osama bin Laden, for example, back in 1996, but was debarred from doing so by his network, for business reasons.   Fenton’s apparently well-placed criticisms of “corporate bean counters” probably deserve a better send-off… Read More

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Academia, business and government: the lucrative triangle in Condoleezza Rice’s career

In 1971, corporation attorney Lewis F. Powell became worried about the loss of social prestige suffered by business – mainly big business – in America, so worried that he penned a memo about it to the head of the US Chamber of Commerce. Two months later, Powell was appointed as a Justice to Supreme Court by Richard Nixon; the memo came out when it was… Read More

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Condoleezza Rice: Academic Background

At every stage of her adult career, the rightwing-funded Hoover Institution has been Condoleezza Rice’s platform and haven. The Institution’s newsletter said in summer 1999, “Condoleezza Rice has been appointed a senior fellow at Hoover effective July 1. / Rice, who has been provost of Stanford University since 1993, left that post on July 1. In addition to her appointment at Hoover, she will serve… Read More

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An open letter to Mr. Soros

Actually, I don’t really want to write “An open letter to George Soros,” because I respect Mr. Soros more than I respect, for example, Rush Limbaugh, to whom I wrote an open letter a year or two ago. Incidentally, that lightweight piece (published in the Richmond, Virginia, Style Weekly) drew more email than any several columns usually draw, and the fact cannot be too widely… Read More

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Describing Bush

It is too often accepted as a given that any officeholder wishes to project an image of himself better than he generally is.    We may all be biased in our own favor, as fallible human beings.  The bias in favor of “dear self,” as one of Jane Austen’s most idealistic and thoroughly good characters says self-critically, may be a universal.   Self-criticism, that is… Read More

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“Reducing complexity in the tax code”

“Reducing Complexity in the Tax Code”     George W. Bush is naming a commission to study how to simplify the tax code, and “everything is on the table,” according to one spokesperson.   Forewarned is forearmed.  Any GWBush tax proposal will have one, and only one, goal:  to shunt any tax burden even more away from corporations and individuals of wealth, and even more… Read More

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David Brock’s The Republican Noise Machine

Every academic in the USA should read David Brock’s The Republican Noise Machine.  Despite the title, this discussion of how right-wing media corrupt democracy is less about the GOP than about how a strange cadre of multimillionaires, impelled by loss of prestige on the wingnut right, set about years ago to change every aspect of public discourse in America.  The movement they have funded has… Read More

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